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The end of Peru

June 04, 2010 | 3 Minute Read

Hi Everyone,

So, when Katie wrote to you last I was on my death bed. You will be pleased to know I am now much better and, fortunately, didnt miss too much.

I managed to recover for the next day which was the start of our 4 day jungle trek to Machu Picchu. The first day was a 4 hour down hill mountain bike which was literally down the side of a mountain. The ride didnt start well because I got a puncture within the first 5 minutes but after that it was disaster free. The ride was quite scary because peruvian drivers are not the safest but the whole group made it to our first night accomodtation without injury. That evening we went to dinner with our group and went to bed early in preperation for the following days 8 hour mountain hike!

The early night did me no good at all and I woke up feeling really ill. Bad stomach, fever, the works. In order to get me better, our Guide employed a local woman to “to brew me something special”. A lot of  “special tea” (coca tea I think – cocaine tea to you and I) later I was on top of the world and ready to run this morning stroll. Needless to say the tea didnt last and after an hour I was feeling rotten. The scenery was amazing I am informed and I managed to stick it out for 6 hours but then took a car for the last 2 to our next nights accomodation.

The following day was only a 5 hour walk and was stunning. I was able to appreciate it a lot more as I was pretty much better. That afternoon we arrived in Aqnies Callientes the access town to Mach Picchu. We relaxed in town that afternoon in preperation for our 4am start the following day.

At about 4.20 we set out for Machu Picchu. The reason we had to set out so early is that we wanted to climb the famous mountain Wayna Picchu but they only give out a limited number of tickets. Fortunately we managed to get some and better still we were able to enjoy Machu Picchu in relative peace and quiet as well as getting to see the sun rise. The place was amazing. So old yet so in tact. We really enjoyed our day exploring and also found Siobhan and Hannah. That evening we took the train back to Cusco and to bed shattered at 2.30 am.

At 8.30 the following day (no rest for the wicked) we were collected to go White water rafting with Siobhan and Hannah. This was really fun. We were also the first group of the year to run this certain part of the river so we had to keep stopping so that we could scout the river ahead. That evening we went to a famour argentinan steak house. It was really good but not a patch on either Michael Jordans or the Inn on the Hill! After dinner we went out for some drinks with Siobhan, Hannah and our guides for the day.

Today we went to the Sacred valley where we saw a lot of Inca ruins which was really interesting. At the moment we are sat in the bus terminal in Cusco waiting for our bus to Copacabana in Bolivia.

Hope everyone is well and we will try and put some photos up onto the blog soon.

Lots of love

Chris and Katie