Chris and Katie's travels


May 02, 2010 | 1 Minute Read

Hi guys,

Photos are finally up-there’s 4 new ones for Australia and then lots for New Zealand. While I’m writing I’m going to quickly tell you about our exciting day yesterday. We were driving to Kaikora, and I spotted a seal so told Chris to stop. Then we looked down and there were maybe 50 seals playing and sitting on the rocks! And we saw maybe 100 in total on the drive. Then we arrived and went on a whale watching tour where we saw about 80 albatross (they are massive), 350 dusky dolphins playing and doing flips, and one amazing sperm whale who came as close as 8m to the boat and was incredible! He did two dives so we got the tail photo and even the crew were excited about his display-he stayed around for 20mins or so.

Anyway we had lots of fun and the sun has come out for us now and its just beautiful here. Definately the most beautiful place we’ve been even if the photos don’t show it because of the rain!

Anyway lots of love, miss you lots!

Katie and Chris.