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May 24, 2010 | 1 Minute Read


You may not be aware but Peru had an earthquake approx 30mins ago. According to the locals it was small so you probably won´t hear about it, but just to let you know we are safe and well and are currently in Huacachina which is an oasis in the desert and is amazing! We were up on the sand dunes when the earthquake happened sandboarding and felt the ground shake for over 45 seconds and were all told to sit down. The sand buggy to get up to the dunes was definately far more dangerous as our driver was crazy and got us stuck in the sand on a ridge so we all had to dig it out. Anyway a very very exciting afternoon! This place is incredible!

This morning we were an hour away in Paracas and went to the Ballestas islands where we saw seals, dolphins, pelicans, comorans and penguins!!! Finally we´ve seen penguins. Anyway a very exciting day. Really enjoying south america so far, and so far no problems. ´

We´ll update you with what else we´ve been doing later but this was meant to be just a quick one to say we´re safe and as usual I got over excited.

Hope you´re all well, have fun at disneyland vicky, tammy, alfie, hawk, lizzy, mum and bob and enjoy whatever you´re up to the rest of you!

Lots of love